Individual Therapy For Adults

Ignoring your feelings isn’t working

It’s time for a change. For a long time, you’ve been trying to out-run, out-smart or just simply ignore your feelings.

And maybe it has been necessary to keep things going – to keep the family together, to keep yourself together, to keep working and paying the bills.

But when is there time for you and what you want out of life?

Perhaps there is grief that needs to be worked through. Maybe there was a trauma – either old or new; either small (anxiety over surgery) or large (being in a car wreck where someone died).

If on top of the anxiety of daily living there is added a life transition – marriage, divorce, new job, baby – it can often be too much to juggle and handle by yourself.

Let’s get past the feeling of being overwhelmed

The good news is that, with the right help, you can experience your life without being overwhelmed by it. And I can show you how.

In therapy, we can make room for both positive and negative emotions. We can lower the intensity of your feelings so that you can talk about them calmly.

We can get to know the parts of you that protect old emotional injuries and teach you how to heal them, making room for more vitality in your life.

Whether you’re experiencing a life change or trying to heal from a trauma (big or small), you’ve taken the first step by just clicking on this page.

So now, click over to the contact page and send me an email or give me a call for more information. Let’s get started.