Trauma – Big ‘T’ and Little ‘t’

When we think of Trauma (Big ‘T’), we think of terrible events such as a car accident, a surgery gone wrong, a loss of someone close in an unexpected way. But trauma (little ‘t’) could have a similar impact on our bodies and minds – being bullied in school, hearing our parents argue incessantly, feeling embarrassed or shunned by friends.

Bad memories of feeling helpless as a child can last into adulthood and can affect our behavior in ways that we don’t want or didn’t expect. As an adult, you may find yourself feeling afraid to speak your mind, or you find yourself in the same kind of unhealthy relationship time and time again.

These situations could be the result of unprocessed memories that are constantly trying to correct themselves and find a healthier way for you to react.

Do I Have to Talk About the Details of the Trauma?

No. You don’t have to remember every detail of the story to receive the benefit of getting past the pain of a bad experience. Some information is needed, but just the basics. Remember that the bad thing happened, and it’s over. You survived and you’re here now, in the present. And you can help your body and mind reorganize into a calmer, more confident and secure you.

Beyond Trauma

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